Mereside Farm

Pork Pies

Our 100-year-old secret

Rodney Stokes established the butchers in Ellesmere over 25 years ago, before converting farm buildings at Mereside Farm into a manufacturing unit and expanding the business by creating a range of gourmet pork pies.

The Ellesmere Sausage & Pork Pie recipes were handed to Stokes’ Butchers by the Haywards who originally held the famous recipes.

It’s all in the mix

We make our pies in small batches of no more than 25, ensuring attention to detail and quality control, whilst all the ingredients are freshly weighed for every batch.

Our special recipe filling is mixed by hand, as is the hot water pastry which is made with just flour, lard, margarine and a little salt mixed with hot water. Just how you would make it at home.

Hand-stamped and sealed

Using traditional equipment operated by hand, the original ‘Little Champion’ pie stamper is used to press individual tins with the pastry.

Pastry lids are stamped on to the pies and egg-washed.